Fee fallow deer hunting

For lovers of hunting experiences, we offer a fee shooting of fallow deer. This takes place in the form of individual hunting in the largest private hunting ground in the Czech Republic with an area of 1,600 ha. The hunting area is located in a beautiful area of Moravian Slovakia on the border with the Slovak Republic in the White Carpathians.

We focus on an individual approach to each hunting guest or group of guests and we try to meet their needs as much as possible. If possible,  we will be happy to fulfill your specific wishes or requirements. 

What should you know

Terms & Conditions

Every hunting guest must have a hunting license valid in the Czech Republic and liability insurance for damages caused during the exercise of the right to hunt. The price of hunting will be charged on the basis of the valid price list for trophy game according to the scored CIC value. The value of trophies is determined in a fresh state according to the valid price list.

For accommodated fee hunters of deer or fallow deer of II. and III. age classes we offer boar hunting for free.

Price list

The billing of the hunting event will be made before the hunter’s departure.

– Prices are quoted in CZK (EUR), converted according to the current CNB exchange rate valid on the day of settlement

– Prices include VAT

If the hunter does not catch any trophy game, he will be charged an organizational fee of CZK 1,000 / EUR 40 for 1 hunting walk and EUR 0,8 for 1 km.

We also offer additional services

Price from 45 €

Hunted in Resort Radějov


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