The surroundings of the Radějov Resort offer many natural, cultural and historical attractions. The residence is located in the hilly terrain of the White Carpathians, towering over the fertile landscape of Moravian Slovakia, which is known for its hospitality and folklore.


The Strážnicko microregion is characterized by the world-famous Dolňák folklore of folk songs, customs, folk costumes and folk architecture. It is a region of protected virgin nature with flower meadows and deep forests (UNESCO) and also a well-known wine region with quality wines from the foothills of the White Carpathians. The uniqueness of Strážnice are giant sorb trees, beautiful orchids, the Danaj of Strážnice or artists such as Joža and Franta Úprkovi, whose significant works the owner has in his collection.

  • You can admire the bottomland landscape in the Strážnické Pomoraví Nature Park.
  • You will see the remains of the Moravian Sahara in the immediate vicinity of the resort in the Váté písky reservation.
  • The largest complex of White Carpathian flower meadows Čertoryje can be found above the villages Tvarožná Lhota and Kněždub (about 3 km from Rezidence Pusté).

The most valuable set of architectural monuments in the Strážnice region is located in the city conservation area in Strážnice. In the Village museum of South-East Moravia in Strážnice you can see examples of folk buildings from all over Slovácko – from Moravské Kopanice, from Horňácko and Dolňácko – and there are also water and vineyard buildings. The museum, which was founded in 1972 and opened to the public in 1981, is one of the most interesting and largest open-air museums in South Moravia. The museum complex includes more than 75 objects of folk buildings, which are divided into groups according to individual areas of Slovácko. Residential, economic, technical and other small buildings represent the way of life and living of the inhabitants of South Moravia. The buildings have furnished interiors, gardens and vineyards, etc. The biggest attractions include a set of vineyard buildings and their 

Perhaps the oldest and most beautiful wine cellars in the Czech Republic can be found here in “Plží” in Petrov – 10 km.
Lednice Castle and garden – 54 km.
Buchlov and Buchlovice Castle – 40 km.,
Velehrad Monastery with the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Cyril and Methodius and Archeoskanzen in Modrá – 38 km.,
Spa city Luhačovice – 57 km.
Vlčnov and festivities with the Ride of the Kings – 33 km.,
The city of Uherské Hradiště – 30 km.
Baťa Canal – 30 km.
Festivities of Strážnice – 5 km.
Museum of sorb trees – 3 km.
Museum of Úprk brothers in Kněždub – 10 km.
City museum Veselí nad Moravou – 14 km.
Milotice Castle – 27 km.
Blatnice pod Svatým Antonínkem, place of pilgrimage – 11 km.
Excavations in Staré Město and the monument of Great Moraviay – 30 km.
Zoo Hodonín – 20 km.
The city of Bzenec, Bzenec Castle – 14 km.
The city of Kyjov, Year of Slovácko – 27 km.
Kuželov, Windmill – 23 km.
The village Radějov – 1 km.
In each apartment, guests have access to hiking and cycling maps of the surrounding routes.