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After arriving from Strážnice to the village of Radějov, you will see a cemetery on the left. After 300 meters, turn right onto the bridge and then immediately left behind the bridge. Then pass the restaurant on the left and drive past the municipal office along the main road slightly to the left uphill. After 1 km from the municipal office, on the right there is the former Štěpničky ski area, and after another 1,400 meters you will come to the stone gate to the resort. You will enter the resort, after about 1,300 meters you will pass the hunting lodge Krokev with a pond. After another about 7 km you will come to the Pusté Residence. The whole time you drive across the game preserve on the main asphalt road.

You don’t have to worry, there is no danger to you from our animals. They are shy and afraid of you more than you are. If you are attracted by direct contact with animals, go to our organic farm.

Amateurs can only hunt with bows and arrows. Otherwise, game hunting always takes place on the basis of the presentation of a firearms license and with an escort from our game preserve.

Unfortunately, only to a very limited extent. If you need to make an urgent phone call, we recommend that you go to the village of Radějov.

Of course, children are welcome. The resort offers a wide range of activities for families. You can go to the forest and watch the game, rent bikes or visit our organic farm with animals.

Meals are prepared for guests in a fully equipped professional kitchen, which, however, can also be fully used by guests. All apartments have their own kitchenette, so guests can decide whether to take advantage of our services or cook from our own ingredients by themselves.

We will arrange the arrival and departure individually according to your needs, we try to accommodate our guests as much as possible.

As soon as you book your accommodation, we will contact you and agree on the payment terms.

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