Culinary heaven

Catering for our guests is provided directly in the building of the Pusté Residence. We prepare meals mainly from the products from our own organic farm and the adjacent organic field, where we grow many types of vegetables and fruits. We keep cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens, geese, ducks, broilers, pigeons and pheasants on the farm. In addition to meat from farmed animals, we also prepare dishes from game and freshly caught fish directly in the Radějov Resort.

Bio farm

We keep our own animals and thus know the true origin of all ingredients.

Seasonal offer

We will cook for you fruits and vegetables that have just been harvested in our garden.

Cook for yourself

Use your own kitchen or have your meal cooked by our professionals.

Professional options

Meals are prepared for guests in a fully equipped professional kitchen, which, however, can also be fully used by guests. For “night visitors” of refrigerators there are all the ingredients and ready meals available. Our guests can also enjoy the of wine offer and bar.


All apartments have their own kitchenette, so guests can decide whether to take advantage of our services or cook from our own ingredients by themselves.