Log cabins

Do you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy an authentic experience in nature? Then our cabins are right for you. But don’t look for modern conveniences here. During your stay you will have to make do without electricity, you will have to go to the well for water and you will cook lunch on a tin stove. The evening atmosphere is completed by the light of oil lamp and you can listen to the sounds of the woods.
Log cabins are located directly in the Radějov game preserve, so with a little luck you will see grazing game. You will probably come across deer, fallow deer, wild boar, foxes or badgers. And if you raise your head, you can see a buzzard, a hawk, a snipe, a heron or a kingfisher. Just go outside and look around.

What else should you know

Price from

145 € stay/night

What can you look forward to

Game observation



Without electricity


Up to 6 people

Accommodation for adventurers

Enjoy living in the heart of nature with everything that goes with it. Watch wildlife, teach children to start a fire and indulge in electronics detox, which you have been planning for so long.

Accommodation price

Rental of the entire, six-bed cabin. Multi-day stays will be preferred.

145 € per day


Accommodation in nature

Log cabin nr. 1
u 5 Mokřadů

Log cabin nr. 2
u Krmeliště

Log cabin nr. 3
u Rybníka

Log cabin nr. 4
na Vyhlídce

Log cabin nr. 5
u 3 jezer

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